Sorry - Made with Jam is closing down in December 2016.

Jam was an easy to use platform and licensable  training programme for capacity builders to get organisations they represent online with modern mobile friendly websites.
Our packages help CVS's, training and infrastructure organisations support the people they care about, by giving them beautiful websites and the skills to make a difference online. Find out more. 

Licensable Training Program

Our licensable seminar's give licensees the training capacity to deliver web-building workshops, on a robust, easy to use platform.

Hear how our Jam workshops turned CSV into digital heroes on make a difference day.

Our workshops always generate great websites, real achievements, happy faces, and positive impact assessments!

Planning a website

Website Workshops

Our workshop format is flexible and effective, and can easily be run within 2 hours, or expanded to a full day.

Our workshops start with paper planning, and finish on the computer, where participants learn how simple building a website with Jam can be.

Participants learn to focus on their audience and deliver positive organisational outcomes through a clear call to action.

Using the Jam Builder

Making Websites

The Jam website builder, was built specifically for the 3rd sector in collaboration with 30 charitable organisations.

It's easy to use and even easier to teach, turning capacity builders into instant digital champions.

Jam comes complete with comprehensive step by step video guides on using the editor, so trainers and users alike can quickly get up to speed. You can see some examples of live sites and gain inspiration here.

Training kit

Capacity Building Kits

Our capacity building kits, provide capacity builders with everything your trainers need to deliver an effective workshop.

Our printed recipe guides and paper planning kit can be provided to attendees to assist
them in designing their website.

The training kit also includes access to our video tutorials to help support trainers and workshop participants.

This kit together with an accompanying website and an easy to delivertwo hour seminar gives attendees the best possible start when getting online.

Making websites that matter

A beautiful Jam site, created by the Tanzeem Co-operative in Rochdale
With Jam your trainers will be able to coach people with confidence in the art of creating beautiful one page websites.

Our one page website recipe is easy to learn and teach, and makes effective, action focused websites, helping organisations and their visitors make the most of social media and the web.
Perfect for mobiles and devices

Jam sites are amazing on mobile

The modern world is mobile, which is why Jam sites always look great on mobile, tablet or desktop screens.

Jam's responsive design ensures all the sites your clients create will automatically adjust themselves to always look great, whatever the screen size! You can see some examples of live sites and gain inspiration here.

Organisations on Jam can be sure that their visitors can find them online wherever they are.

Jam is best friends with Twitter and Facebook

Perfect for Social Media

Whether you're Tweeting or Facebooking, Jam sites are the perfect partner for any social media campaign.

When charities and community groups jump to social media they quickly find they need their own space on the internet to link to and share.

Jam sites make great social media landing pages, ideal for campaigning, and fund raising, and can easily be integrated with social media training.

Train people to create stunning websites

Create a positive change

• Embrace the Internet, and train your community to do the same.

• Develop new funding sources and impress your funders with innovative new services.

• Develop your reputation and community by becoming a digital champion and trusted training provider.

• Turn your clients into effective digital organisations.

• Develop effective online communication skills, with focused calls-to-action.

• Help create things of beauty, through effective seminars and training materials.

Find out more

Jams simple editor makes changing websites easy

Fully Hosted

Jam sites are fully hosted on our secure servers, meaning they're always available and can be updated from anywhere, with no geeky skills required.

Need to bring your own web address?  No problem!  All Jam sites can be hosted on their own domain.

Make the change, Jam's super simple editor means your clients can always change their website with just a few clicks.

Be the change

Jam packages that fit your business model

Jam fits the diverse income needs of capacity builders with affordable fixed-rate packages that include the right to resell or give-away free at the point of delivery.

Our network of partners can supply you with our capacity building kits, which include as many websites as you need, support materials, and comprehensive "train the trainer" training.  

Contact us to find out more about participating in our change making programme.

Become a Partner

We can help you deliver digital skills development and capacity building in your area.

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